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CNWAGNER Aluminum Car Steering Rack 57700-FD101 KIA Steering Rack

CNWAGNER Aluminum Car Steering Rack 57700-FD101 KIA Steering Rack
  • KIA
  • 57700-FD101

Product Description

Electric Power Steering Rack Quick Release Steering Wheel 57700-FD101 For KIA

Products name Electric Power Steering Rack Quick Release Steering Wheel
OE NO. 57700-FD101
Car make For KIA
Characteristic LHD or RHD
Material for Aluminum or iron
Condition 100% new
Quality OE quality
Warranty 12 months


Automobile steering gear, also known as steering gear, steering gear, is the most important part of the automobile steering system. The steering machine is a machine that helps the driver to use force while turning the steering wheel, so as to reduce the driver's force when turning, and achieve the purpose of ease and convenience for the driver when driving. Mainly divided into rack and pinion steering and worm gear steering. There are roughly three power steering devices on the market: electric motor electric power steering, rack-and-pinion hydraulic power steering, and electric hydraulic power steering. The energy required for car steering using a power steering system, under normal circumstances, only a small part is driving Most of the physical energy provided by the operator is the hydraulic energy (or air pressure) provided by the oil pump (or air compressor) driven by the engine (or motor).
It is used to convert part of the mechanical energy output by the engine (or motor) into pressure energy, and under the control of the driver, apply hydraulic or pneumatic force in different directions to the steering gear or a transmission member in the steering gear to help the driver A series of parts with insufficient force are collectively referred to as power steering gears.

Common faults and troubleshooting methods of steering gear

1. The steering wheel has a serious failure
If you encounter a fault with a heavy direction, especially if the direction is heavy on both sides, you should find the reason from two aspects: on the one hand, find part of the reason for the steering mechanism, and if there is no problem with the mechanical part, then find the reason for the steering assistance.
The common reasons for the mechanical part are the looseness, deformation, and corrosion of related link parts (ten bytes, inner and outer ball heads of the tie rod, and ingot beam).
Common reasons for assistance are
A. Booster pump failure
B. Lack of oil, the oil path is not unblocked, and there is air in the oil path
Pressure relief, battery valve is not energized, torque sensor failure and other forms of assist failure
2. The steering wheel is heavier and the other side is lightly faulty
Hydraulic steering gear failure
Generally, it is the internal reason of the steering machine (power failure)
In practice, the failure of turning fast in one direction and turning heavy in the other direction often occurs. This is generally due to the leakage of the seal that seals the high-pressure chamber on one side.
For example, the steering disc rod seal ring, the oil passage seal ring on the piston circumference, etc., there is another situation that should be paid attention to, that is, the steering is heavy, and the limit valve on one side is not tightly closed may be improperly adjusted, so that the limit valve is mostly in Normally open position, or the valve and the valve seat are not tightly closed, more often it is caused by the failure of the two "O" seals on the limit valve
Sometimes it happens that when turning in a certain direction, it is very light from beginning to end, and when turning in another direction, it starts to be very light. Every time you hit a certain position, the direction suddenly becomes heavy. Generally speaking, this kind of failure is due to improper adjustment of the limit valve in this direction. When the wheel has not reached the limit position, the limit valve will open to unload. After that, the direction will be heavy immediately. In case of this failure, just proceed as described in the previous section. Just re-adjust the limit valve

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