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CNWAGNER Chevrolet Manual Steering Rack 96535298 Hydraulic Power Steering

CNWAGNER Chevrolet Manual Steering Rack 96535298 Hydraulic Power Steering
  • Hydraulic


  • 96535298

Product Description

Universal Racing Steering Wheel Manual Steering Rack 96407342 Daewoo

Products detail

Products name Manual Steering Rack Hydraulic Power Steering Rack
OE NO. 96535298
Car make For Chevrolet
Feature LHD or RHD
Condition 100% new
Sample Offer
Quality OE quality
Warranty 12 months

Common faults and troubleshooting methods of steering gear

1. Fast steering and heavy fault: Generally, it is the cause of the booster pump. If you turn the direction slowly when turning, the direction is still light. If you turn the direction quickly during a sharp turn, the direction will be heavy immediately. This means that the effective weight of the booster pump is not enough when you turn the direction quickly. To the establishment, which reflects the failure of heavy steering, this type of failure is mainly in the booster pump. If the booster pump flow control valve leaks, spring failure, and severe wear of the pump blades and chamber surfaces will cause this phenomenon.
2. Difficulty in returning the steering wheel
The hydraulic power steering gear is generally a mechanical failure.
Generally, the steering wheel of a vehicle has the function of automatic steering return. For hydraulically assisted cars, due to the action of hydraulic resistance, the automatic return function has been weakened, but a certain degree of automatic return capability should be maintained. If the force is also applied when returning, it means that the returning function is malfunctioning. This kind of failure generally occurs in the steering mechanical part. For example, the kingpin and bushing of the steering knuckle are burnt due to lack of oil, the joints of the steering horizontal and straight tie rods are lack of oil and rust, the steering wheel and the steering gear are connected to the steering shaft and the universal joint is lack of oil and the fire is different, and the steering shaft sector teeth and pistons of the steering knuckle Straight teeth and too tight, etc., will cause this failure. There are also reasons for the failure of the torque sensor in the electronic power steering.
3. The steering wheel has serious faults on both sides
The main reason for the heavy mechanical aspect of the steering gear is that the steering knuckle is not maintained for a long time, so that the steering column and the bushing are seriously short of oil, wear and even ablation, which will cause the direction to be heavy. Therefore, during maintenance, the steering column must be filled with grease into the cavity, and the front axle needs to be supported by a jack each time the oil is filled, and the upper and lower bearing surfaces of the column must be injected until the grease is squeezed out. At this time, it indicates that the grease is filled between the column and the bushing. If the plane thrust bearing of the steering column is severely worn or damaged, it will also cause a fault with heavy directions.

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