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CNWAGNER Iron Aluminum Toyota Rack And Pinion LHD RHD 44200-0K040

CNWAGNER Iron Aluminum Toyota Rack And Pinion LHD RHD 44200-0K040
  • Toyota


  • 44200-0K020

Product Description

Rack And Pinion Type Hydraulic Power Steering Rack 44200-0K020 For Toyota

Products detail

Products name Rack And Pinion Type Hydraulic Power Steering Rack
OE NO. 44200-0K040
Car make For Toyota
Feature LHD or RHD
Sample Offer
Condition 100% new
Packing Carton
Material For iron or aluminum

Common faults and troubleshooting methods of steering gear

1. The direction is shaking or off-track failure
The failure of the car's deviation should first be the mechanical part and external factors. A car driving on the side of an arched road has its own tendency to deviate. When the arch is larger, it is more obvious that the deviation is caused by external factors.
The tire pressure on both sides of the front wheel is different. One side is the new tire, and the other side is the old tire. The wear of the left and right tires is quite different. If the above-mentioned mechanical and external factors are excluded and the direction is still severely deviated, it may be that the initial position of the steering nut deflection rocker in the steering gear is improperly adjusted. High-pressure boost is generated on one side of the piston, causing the car to run off automatically.
If the car sways irregularly on both sides when driving, the direction is not easy to grasp, indicating that the mechanical mechanisms of the steering system are relatively loose. For example, the front wheel hub bearing is loose, the gap between the steering shaft sector teeth and the piston straight teeth is too large, the horizontal and straight tie rod is loose, etc., the steering gear fixing screws are loose, and the front wheel positioning has a large deviation. Deformation of the front wheel rim will of course also cause the shaking of the steering gear. If the above-mentioned mechanical reasons are excluded, it is likely to be caused by the breaking or looseness of the positioning steering nut in the steering gear.
A cold car is heavy and a hot car is light, a cold car is light and a hot car is heavy. This kind of failure is rare and needs to be judged according to the specific situation.

2.. Difficulty in returning the steering wheel
Hydraulic power steering gear is generally a mechanical failure.
Generally, the steering wheel of a vehicle has the function of automatic steering return. For hydraulically assisted cars, due to the action of hydraulic resistance, the automatic return function has been weakened, but a certain degree of automatic return capability should be maintained. If the force is also applied when returning, it means that the returning function is malfunctioning. This kind of failure generally occurs in the steering mechanical part. For example, the steering knuckle king pin and bushing are burnt due to lack of oil, the steering horizontal and straight tie rod joints are lack of oil and rust, the steering wheel and the steering gear are connected to the steering shaft and the universal joint is lack of oil and the fire is different, and the steering shaft sector teeth and pistons of the steering knuckle Straight tooth land and too tight, etc., will cause this kind of failure. There are also reasons for the failure of the torque sensor in the electronic power steering.

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