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CNWAGNER Isuzu Hydraulic Car Steering Rack 8-97946-130-1 ROHS

CNWAGNER Isuzu Hydraulic Car Steering Rack 8-97946-130-1 ROHS
  • Isuzu


  • 8-97946-130-1

Product Description

Quick Release Steering Wheel Hydraulic Steering Gear 8-97943-519-0 For Isuzu

Products detail

Products name Quick Release Steering Wheel Hydraulic Steering Gear
OE NO. 8-97946-130-1
Car make For Isuzu
Feature RHD or LHD
Condition 100% New
Sample Available
Quality Excellent
Packing Carton

Common faults and troubleshooting methods of steering gear

1. The steering gear is leaking oil.
The main reason is oil leakage on the upper cover (at the small shaft connected to the ten-byte, oil leakage at the dust cover at both ends of the steering gear).
Troubleshooting: Whether the high-pressure oil pipe joint is tightened, whether the joint sealing ring is aging and damaged, so as to avoid misjudgment caused by oil leakage at the high oil pipe interface.
2. Excessive free stroke and noise
Please check and troubleshoot the following first
A. Whether the connection between the steering wheel and the steering column is loose.
B. Whether the connection between the ten-byte and the steering column, and the ten-byte and the steering machine is loose.
C. Whether the steering gear tie rod (inner ball head) is loose and whether the outer ball head is corroded
D. Abnormal noise when turning is usually the mechanical part. When checking, you can turn the direction left and right to observe the noise part for disassembly and inspection.
3. The steering wheel turns the direction of the serious failure
If you encounter a fault with a heavy direction, especially if the direction is heavy on both sides, you should find the reason from two aspects: on the one hand, find part of the reason for the steering mechanism, and if there is no problem with the mechanical part, then find the reason for the steering assistance.
The common reasons for the mechanical part are the looseness, deformation, and corrosion of related link parts (ten bytes, inner and outer ball heads of the tie rod, and ingot beam).
Common reasons for assistance are
A. Booster pump failure
B. Lack of oil, the oil path is not unblocked, and there is air in the oil path
C. Pressure relief, battery valve is not energized, torque sensor failure and other forms of assist failure
4. Both sides of the steering wheel have serious faults
The main reason for the heavy mechanical aspect of the steering gear is that the steering knuckle is not maintained for a long time, so that the steering column and bushing are seriously short of oil, wear and even ablation, which will cause the direction to be heavy. Therefore, during maintenance, the steering column must be filled with grease into the cavity, and the front axle needs to be supported by a jack each time the oil is filled, and the upper and lower bearing surfaces of the column must be injected until the grease is squeezed out. At this time, it indicates that the grease is filled between the column and the bushing. If the plane thrust bearing of the steering column is severely worn or damaged, it will also cause a fault with heavy directions.
5. Heavy failure of unilateral steering
The failure of the mechanical part can be checked by observing the steering column, the appearance of the steering knuckle and moving the front wheel to feel the resistance of the front wheel swinging left and right. If there is no problem by checking the steering mechanical part, then it is obvious that the steering assist part is malfunctioning.

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