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CNWAGNER LHD RHD Steering Gear Rack Toyota 44200-0K890

CNWAGNER LHD RHD Steering Gear Rack Toyota 44200-0K890
  • Toyota


  • 44200-0K890

Product Description

Removable Steering Wheel Hydraulic Power Steering Gear Rack 44200-0K890 For Toyota

Products detail

Products name Removable Steering Wheel Hydraulic Power Steering Gear Rack
OE NO. 44200-0K890
Car make For Toyota
Feature LHD or RHD
Warranty 12 months
Quality OE quality
Condition 100% new
Packing Neutral packing


Automobile steering gear, also known as steering gear, steering gear, is the most important element in the automobile steering system. , And most of them are hydraulic energy (or pneumatic energy) provided by an oil pump (or air compressor) driven by an engine (or motor).
It has the ability to convert the mechanical energy of the output part of the component (or motor) into pressure energy, and under control, apply hydraulic or pneumatic forces in different directions to an object in the steering transmission or steering gear to assist in the lack of force throughout the entire process The sensitive demand, the total power steering gear.


Electric motor power steering is when the driver moves the steering wheel at the same time, the electric motor under it starts
The rack-and-pinion power steering is a hydraulic pump beside the engine, and the engine drives the pump to work.
Electro-hydraulic assist is a combination of the first two, and it is also the best steering assist device on the market today
The structure of the steering booster is very complicated and cannot be repaired by ordinary people. If the maintenance is in place, it is not easy to break. Note: 1. You should always check the oil in the oil cup, and it should not be lower than the lower limit of the oil dipstick. If the booster loses oil, the pressure pump may be scrapped. Second, you need to change the oil regularly. Third, you can't kill the direction. Fourth, try not to make directions on the spot.
The power comes from the engine, and the truck has no other power-assisted mode, only the hydraulic booster pump, which is usually installed on the flywheel housing and driven by the crankshaft. It is also installed in front of the engine and driven by a belt, but this is generally modified.
Steering machine
Steering machine
The power steering system is composed of a set of power assist devices on the basis of the mechanical steering system. The steering oil pump 6 is installed on the engine and is driven by the crankshaft through a belt and outputs hydraulic oil. The steering oil tank 5 has oil inlet and outlet pipe joints, which are respectively connected with the steering oil pump and the steering control valve 2 through oil pipes. The steering control valve is used to change the oil circuit. The mechanical steering gear and the cylinder block form two left and right working chambers, which are respectively connected by an oil passage and a steering control valve.
When the car is driving straight, the steering control valve 2 connects the working fluid pumped by the steering oil pump 6 with the oil tank, the steering oil pump is in an unloading state, and the power steering device does not have a boosting effect. When the car needs to turn to the right, the driver turns the steering wheel to the right, and the steering control valve connects the working fluid pumped by the steering oil pump to the R cavity, and connects the L cavity to the oil tank. Under the action of oil pressure, The piston moves downwards, and the left and right wheels are deflected to the right through the transmission structure, thereby realizing right steering. When turning to the left, the situation is reversed.

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