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CNWAGNER Power Steering Rack 0k30c-32-110 For Nissan Bmw Santafe

CNWAGNER Power Steering Rack 0k30c-32-110 For Nissan Bmw Santafe
  • Nissan Bmw Santafe
  • 0k30c-32-110

Product Description

Aftermarket Car Engine Parts Power Steering Rack 0k30c-32-110 For Rio

Products detail

Products name Aftermarket Car Engine Parts Power Steering Rack
OE NO. 0k30c-32-110
Car make For Rio
Feature RHD or LHD
Sample Offer
Condition New
Warranty 12 months
Quality Excellent


Automobile steering gear, also known as steering gear, power steering gear, is the most important part of the automobile steering system. Its function is to increase the force transmitted from the steering wheel to the steering transmission mechanism and change the direction of force transmission.

Steering gear type

Commonly used are rack and pinion type, worm crank pin type and recirculating ball type.
1) Rack and pinion steering gear: It is one of the most common steering gears. Its basic structure is a pair of pinions and racks that mesh with each other. When the steering shaft drives the pinion to rotate, the rack moves in a straight line. Sometimes, the tie rod is directly driven by the rack to turn the steering wheel. Therefore, this is the simplest type of steering gear. Its advantages are simple structure, low cost, sensitive steering, small size, and can directly drive the tie rod. It is widely used in automobiles.
2) Worm-crank pin steering gear: It is a steering gear with a worm as the driving part and a crank pin as the driven part. The worm has a trapezoidal thread, the finger-shaped conical finger pin is supported on the crank with a bearing, and the crank is integrated with the steering rocker arm shaft. When turning, the worm is rotated by the steering wheel, and the tapered pin embedded in the spiral groove of the worm rotates while making a circular motion around the steering rocker arm shaft, thereby driving the crank and the steering vertical arm to swing, and then turning the steering through the steering transmission mechanism. Wheel deflection. This kind of steering gear is usually used in trucks with large steering forces.
3) Recirculating ball steering gear: Recirculating ball power steering system [2] The main structure is composed of two parts: the mechanical part and the hydraulic part. The mechanical part is composed of a shell, a side cover, an upper cover, a lower cover, a recirculating ball screw, a rack nut, a rotary valve spool, and a sector gear shaft. There are two pairs of transmission pairs: one pair is a screw rod and a nut, and the other pair is a rack, a tooth fan or a sector gear shaft. A cyclically rolling steel ball is installed between the screw and the rack nut to change the sliding friction into rolling friction, thereby improving the transmission efficiency. The advantages of this type of steering gear are that it is easy to operate, less abraded, and has a long life. The disadvantage is that the structure is complex, the cost is high, and the steering sensitivity is not as good as the rack and pinion type.

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