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CNWAGNER Suzuki Vitara Car Steering Rack 48580-65D51

CNWAGNER Suzuki Vitara Car Steering Rack 48580-65D51
  • Suzuki Vitara


  • 48580-65D51

Product Description

Rack Steering System Manual Steering Rack 48580-65D51 For Suzuki Vitara

Products detail

Products name Rack Steering System Manual Steering Rack
OE NO. 48580-65D51
Car make For Suzuki Vitara
Feature LHD or RHD
Condition 100% new
Sample Offer
Quality Excellent
Warranty 12 months


Automobile steering gear, also known as steering gear, steering gear, and steering wheel, is the most important part of the automobile steering system.

: 1. Basic concepts: a wheel-like device for controlling the direction of travel of cars, ships, airplanes, etc. But the person who originally designed the steering wheel could not foresee that as cars are getting faster and faster today, in the event of a car accident, the steering wheel has become the chief culprit in the death of the driver. 2. Origin: The steering wheel that the inventor of the car originally installed on the steam car was mounted on a vertical steering column. The defect was that it was not conducive to the manipulation of the driver and obstructed the line of sight.

Symptoms of broken car steering gear

The method of judging a broken car steering wheel: when driving, the direction is unstable, the free travel of the steering wheel becomes larger, the steering wheel is difficult to return, understeer or oversteer, the steering wheel shakes, the direction shakes, the steering is heavy, and the car steering wheel makes abnormal noise.
If the steering gear is broken, there will be such a failure:
1. There will be abnormal noise when turning the steering wheel on the spot, no matter whether it is on the spot or when the speed does not exceed 20KM per hour, there will be abnormal noise. Turning the steering wheel is very loose or turning the steering wheel is heavy and very difficult.
2. Typical power-assisted pump failures make it difficult to turn the direction, and the direction of rotation will be abnormally heavy when driving.

Reasons for abnormal noise of the steering machine:

  • The steering column is not lubricated and has high friction

  • The power steering pump has less oil

  •  There is a problem with the universal joint

  • The aging and hardening of the rubber sleeve of the suspension ears of the chassis suspension balance bar

  •  The plane bearing is broken

How to fix the steering gear when it is broken

1. Repair the steering pump
2. Replace the new steering gear booster pump
How to protect the direction machine
1. Turn the steering wheel correctly: 1. Avoid turning the steering wheel on the spot, try to turn the direction after the vehicle moves. Turning the direction on the spot can only be used occasionally when the car is out of position under special circumstances.
2. When the vehicle is stable, the steering wheel should be returned to the solemn position to avoid the suspension system and tires from bearing the load
3. Try to avoid the steering wheel hitting the dead center position when you need to turn your head.

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