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The 15th Shanghai Frankfurt Auto Parts Exhibition in 2019

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The largest exhibition outside of the global brand exhibition in Germany is Asia's largest exhibition of auto parts, maintenance, testing and diagnostic equipment, and auto supplies.

The exhibition covers three major industry sectors: auto parts, repair and maintenance, supplies and modification.

Integrating the entire automotive industry chain: high-quality buyer resources in various links such as OEMs, manufacturers, distributors, 4S shops and service terminals, are a good entry point for overseas companies to enter the Chinese and Asia-Pacific markets, and it is also a good entry point for domestic customers to consolidate and expand the Chinese market The preferred platform for overseas business.

Parts and components: drive parts, chassis parts, body parts, standard parts, car interiors, alternative energy sources, charging accessories, remanufactured parts.

Electronics and systems: electrical appliances, vehicle lighting, circuit systems, auxiliary driving systemsehicle safety, comfort electronics.

Supplies and modification: decoration, onboard supplies, vehicle modification, design improvement.




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